These are Amateur Radio apps I’ve had a quick look at on an Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 running Android 3.2

Amateur Radio Callsign DB – lookup callsign details – laid out for a phone not a tablet. The database it first looks up in doesn’t seem current (at least for UK callsigns I tried), but then links to in it’s own browser – again optimised for a phone so very fuzzy on a tablet – you’be be better off going to directly in a browser.

APRSdroid – APRS app very similar to iBCNU for iPhone etc. (which rocks!) – £2.79 but seems to be worth it – you need an APRS-IS passcode to send data. Nice gMaps interface shows your current location and stations nearby,Useful.

APRS Viewer – free but lightweight – laid out for phone screens and a lot of screen is used up by ads. Read only, and doesn’t show a lot of detail on stations. Pay the money for APRSdroid.

Ham – small collection of amateur functions – ‘solar conditions’ diplays basic data from N0NBH data, ‘callsign lookup’ displays name, callsign and country from data, ‘my grid’ display lat, long and locatof current position. Very basic stuff done better in other separate apps.

HamSatDroid – pass predicitions for various satellites, displays an azimuth diagram for a selected pass – dynamically updated as the pass progresses, also world map with satellite track, but no footprint. Quite nice if you’re into satellites, but could do with the world map at least being able to adapt to a tablet screen.

HF Beacon – Text details of current time, location, last current and next beacons. More detail than NCDXF Beacon but harder to interpret being text only. Some might like it that way though.

NCDXF Beacon – displays a world map with the positions of the various beacons, and which are transmitting at a given time, and indicates which are operational and which aren’t. Useful – the one that I’d use.

QTH Locator – displays your current position and locator (8 digit) – allows you to jump to a different locator and show bearing and distances. Could be handy for /P operation, better that LocatorDroid IMHO.

QTH LocatorDroid – another app that tells you where you are, and lets you look up other locators – supposedly giving you a bearing and map interface, although both the bearing and map functions were ‘odd’ on my device – I think Locator does it better. There is a Widget version which I couldn’t get working.

Repeater – great little app in association with Martin Lynch and Sons – diplays details of all UK repaters within 25 miles of your current location, didtance, direction, callsign, frequency and CTCSS tones. Brilliant!

RF Calculators – all sorts of simple calculators for variousradio related equations – velocity of propagation, gain from antenna factor, EIRP conversions etc. Handy if you can’t remeber the formula and don’t have a calculator to hand. Myriad other similar apps out there.

Signals – a curious little app that lists a wide variety of ‘codes’ from ’10’ codes, ‘Q’ codes and CW abbreviations, to Police, Military and rescue codes and signals … moderately entertaining and possibly useful when you’re stumped.

SpaceWx – Links to current information about sun, solar wind, magnetosphere and atmosphere information – useful oif you’re into that sort of thing, but no interpretation of effects on propagation.

WiFiFoFum – perhaps not strictly Amateur, but an excellent app I’ve used in it’s iPhone variant for displaying details fo local WiFi access points – MAC address, channel number, strength and encryption. If you do wireless networking it’s a very handy tool, although I think the ‘radar’ feature is a bit suspect.

Still to check out:

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