Results are out for the February SSB and Data legs of the RSGB 80m CC contest. Bittern DX Group are so far 4th in the General section, and the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club lead the Local section.

Personal results are 130/206 for SSB and 52/120 for data. I’m chuffed with that as a newcomer, and I’m hoping that this will improve as the season continues.


Well the weather could have been kinder to us, but ot could also have been a lot worse. The ‘usual suspects’ from the Bittern DX Group descended on a site on the cliffs of Trimingham on the North Norfolk coast with two aims – to test the site for use in this year’s VHF Field Day, and if 2m was OK to compete in the Open section of the RSGB March 144 / 432 MHz contest. We knew it was likely to be hard work, but it was one of the contests we could use G2B in and we realise we need to “use it or lose it”.

It was the first outing for my new Clark SCAM 12 mast, and it all seemed to be working well which was great.

I chickened out of staying overnight, but did a couple of stints on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Overall we logged 104 QSOs, mostly in an easterly or westerly direction. I got the most Northerly contact to a GD station, Linda managed to make it into the Czech Republic. So not many contacts, but we hope we will make it up with high distance scores.

Last year was my first attempt at the Islands On The Air contest. Operating as 2E0HPJ I decided to give it a good crack in the 12hr section – especially once it had been decided that the Bittern group weren’t going to be running a club station.

I had great fun, learned a huge amount, and I’m delighted to have found out today that I came 27th in the 12hr SSB low power single operator unsassisted category.

I’m now looking forward to this year’s competition, and seeing if I can better that.